Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Paint Bar

I have not been to The Paint Bar, but after finding it on Pinterest, I know I want to go!
I am a crafter and novice painter, and these painting places usually are not my thing. If you are going to paint, do it on your own, not when someone gives you the idea/walks you through it. (Obviously that is just my opinion, these places are all over the country and are well loved!). 
With all that said, I really would love to go to The Paint Bar. I would love to paint any of these Boston themed paintings, (and they do have other things to paint if you live in Boston and don't feel like painting Back Bay. BUT, if you are visiting, I think you must stop by The Paint Bar and make your own, one of a kind, souvenir.). :) I think I would spend all day there painting multiple paintings! :)
I found all of these images on The Paint Bar's Pinterest- they own all of these copyrights.
I had to start off this post with the paintings that were done to show support for our beloved world champions, the Red Sox!

 I love this "funky" Beacon Hill painting. :)
  I love this "funky" Boston Skyline painting. :)
 I'd have a hard time choosing which one to paint- I think I'd have to paint a few in one sitting! :) I love this "Starry Night Over Boston."
 Quincy Market in the winter- I love QM, and I plan on spending a Christmas in Boston one day! :) BUCKET LIST! ;)
 Who doesn't love the Swan Boats? :)
I can't think of a better way of celebrating finishing the Boston Marathon than to go to The Paint Bar and paint this! I will be running the half in October 2014, (it will be my first), and if I find I love to run races, I may train to qualify for the Boston Marathon. :)
These next three are of the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue- Summer, Fall, and Winter! I'm sure they have a spring one too- I think making all four seasons would make for gorgeous art work in the home. :)

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